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isdefeISDEFE is an independent Spanish Systems Engineering firm, headquartered in Madrid. ISDEFE is a government-owned (Spanish Ministry of Defence) company engaging in scientific, technical and management activities on a not-for-profit basis.  Since ISDEFE can only work for public bodies, ISDEFE is entirely independent of financial, commercial and industrial interests, making its judgements objective.  Likewise ISDEFE assures the continuity of the support during the contracts and absolute confidentiality in the managed information, with the warranty of the maximum level of secrecy that the Ministry of Defence demands at both a nationwide basis and NATO. As other relevant points, ISDEFE is UNE-EN-ISO 9001 and PECAL/AQAP 110 quality certified, and is a member of Spanish and Foreign Professional Associations, such as: AENOR (Spanish Normalisation Association), AECC (Spanish Quality Control Association), AIAA, AFCA, EUROCAE and SOLE. ISDEFE is split into several military and civil divisions rendering services under contract to over 25 national and international civil and defence agencies, mainly within the Spanish Ministry of Defence, Armies and Ministry of Public Works (Civil Aviation Authority), as well from the Public Body AENA (Spanish Airports and Air Navigation), EUROCONTROL, and several General Directorates of the EC.  With a staff of more than 900 employees, ISDEFE’s activities are mainly developed within the fields: command and control, intelligence, combat and weapon systems, electronic war, personnel training, air navigation, automation of air control, safety and security in air transport, telecommunications, computer; simulators and demonstrators, logistic support, environment. At a European level, ISDEFE has been participating in projects related to security issues for the European Commission in different framework programmes such as SAFEE (Security of Aircraft in the Future European Environment, prevention of on-board threats), SOFIA (Safe Automatic Flight back and Landing of aircraft in the event of hostile actions), COUNTERACT (Cluster of User networks in transport and energy relating to anti-terrorist activities), ASISE (Airport Security Integrated System Evaluation), INFRA (Innovative First Responders Applications), EUMASS (European Mass-Transit System Security Risk Assessment and Audit Methodology) and EUSECON (A new agenda for European security economics Research area).  In most of these projects not only security assessments but also validation activities, including elaboration of scenarios, were performed by ISDEFE.  At national level, ISDEFE has developed specifications and validation of border surveillance systems (SIVE in Spain and Romanian Border Surveillance Project), it was the coordinator of the SEGURIDAD2020 project to secure the digital identity in digital environments and it is involving in projects related to Immigration Management (INTEGRA), Explosive detection systems for infrastructures and public centres (SEDUCE) and Security and trust in the Information Society (SEGUR@).  ISDEFE also has participated as an active member of the Spanish Group of European Security Research and Innovation Forum (ESRIF), being involved in several working groups as security of critical infrastructures and sensitive sites (WG2), situation awareness (WG7) and identification management for people and assets (WG8), towards addressing security and technologies needs.  ISDEFE is also participating in NATO’s Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence in Estonia and is collaborating with the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA).

Responsible Partner: Mr. Diego Fernandez


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