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CPDP Special Session, Brussels, Belgium, 21-23 January 2015
21.01.2015 - 23.01.2015
Les Halles de Schaerbeek - Brussels
Special Sessions


VideoSense co-organised special session entitled “Beyond the hype? so what! The rise and mobilisation of smart cctv” during the international conference computers, privacy and data protection CPDP 2015 in Brussels. The session was motivated by the recent increase of the reliability and reach of digital technology and change in the nature of surveillance. There has been considerable interest in the development of ‘smart’ or ‘intelligent’ CCTV systems, with the rise of ‘smart’ surveillance and sophisticated video analytics featuring prominently in popular and academic discussion. However, there has been little consensus on the extent to which these systems and technologies fulfil the promises of advanced surveillance and improved privacy when compared to conventional video surveillance. The session addressed some of the ‘hype’ surrounding the rise and mobilisation of ‘smart’ CCTV. The panel will explore ‘smart’ CCTV technologies, their development, functionality and limits, ethical and societal concerns, and consider what the future might hold.

The panel discussed following topics:

•           The state of the art of visual surveillance, ‘Smart’ CCTV

•           Developments in data and video analytics

•           Privacy and ethics concerns related to ‘Smart’ CCTV

•           Future developments in video surveillance

Panel members: Ebroul Izquierdo, Queen Mary University of London (UK), Norma Moellers, Humboldt Universität Berlin (DE), Daniel Neyland, Goldsmiths University of London (UK), Leon Hempel, TU Berlin (DE)


Les Halles de Schaerbeek
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