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Prof. Touradj Ebrahimi (EPFL, Lausanne) visiting Eurecom
10.04.2012 - 21.04.2012
Internal Visits


The initial goal of this visit was the coordination of the joint collaboration project between EPFL, Eurecom, and CTU Prague. The project focuses on the development and approbation of the evaluation methodology of privacy protection tools. A number of overview talks on the topics related to privacy techniques, scrambling tools, and video surveillance were given. Several meetings with researchers from Eurecom, CTU Prague, and EPFL were organised in order to discuss the project and their related research work. The outcome of the visit will have an impact on WP2, WP5 and WP6.

Video surveillance use-cases, where the privacy protective tools would be applicable, were identified and described in detail. Video data provided by Eurecom was organised and appropriate sequences were selected. Several privacy protection tools, including blurring, pixelisation, scrambling, and masking, were applied to the video sequences. A novel evaluation protocol for subjective tests was designed and a series of dry-run subjective tests were conducted. The preliminary results were submitted for publication in QoMEX 2012. Two more publications are planned (besides the one in QoMEX 2012): in MMSP 2012 and IEEE T-IFS. QoMEX 2012 and MMSP 2012 publications have been accepted by the corresponding conferences and submitted for publication, and presentation. A poster describing the above, was also presented in the framework of WIAMIS 2012 and MediaSense 2012 in Dublin, Ireland.