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Pavel Korshunov (EPFL, Lausanne) visiting Eurecom
17.04.2012 - 21.04.2012
Internal Visits


The aim of this exchange was to investigate how the privacy protection techniques affect the visual appearance of the video and whether the resulting scene can be adequately perceived and analysed by the viewer.
As part of the study, the following issues will be addressed:

  • Identify key visual characteristics of the video that are important to carrying out the surveillance tasks. Study the impact of privacy protection techniques on these characteristics.
  • Conduct objective studies using face detection and recognition algorithms, which are run on the video distorted, to various degrees, by the privacy protection techniques.
  • Conduct subjective studies using various privacy protection techniques applied to the video with different degrees of distortion.
  • Analyse how different privacy protection techniques affect the ability of subjects to perceive the scene, i.e., identify objects and events.

As part of the future work, the full set of subjective tests is planned jointly with CTU Prague, EPFL, and Eurecom. Two more publications are planned (besides the one in QoMEX 2012): in MMSP 2012 and IEEE T-IFS. Both QoMEX 2012 and MMSP 2012 submissions have been accepted after review by organisers and final versions of the corresponding papers submitted. They will be presented during 2012 at the respective conferences. This research exchange will have a significant impact on activities in WP2, WP5 and WP6. A poster describing the above, was also presented in the framework of WIAMIS 2012 and MediaSense 2012 in Dublin, Ireland.