Wednesday, 21 Feb 2018
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Prof. Jean-Luc Dugelay (Eurecom) visiting Prof. Atta Badii (UOR)
06.03.2013 - 07.03.2013
Internal Visits


As mini drones are very likely to become widely used as a new kind of sensor node for large-scale surveillance systems, it becomes crucial to analyse the privacy issues of the potentially more intrusive kind of surveillance. In this perspective, Prof. Dugelay visited UoR in order to discuss this aspect of emerging surveillance techniques and to lay the foundation of a new mini project.
He presented the on-going work of Eurecom relating to manning mini drones through visual information only.
A second aspect of his visited touched on the topic of biometrics, and more specifically biometrics for animals. This includes methods based on colour, shape, and texture for re-identifying known animals on farms. The challenges of using mini drones for computing these biometrics were also discussed, as using moving cameras can be extremely challenging. For example, background segmentation cannot be applied in the usual way and will require some extra processing to understand the general low and high frequency motion of the camera.
As a result of this meeting a mini project related to drones will be proposed for the next period.