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Prof. Touradj Ebrahimi (EPFL) visiting Christian Fedorczak (Thales)
15.10.2013 - 16.10.2013
Internal Visits


The goal was to provide Thales with an overview of past activities at EPFL on evaluation of quality of experience in image and video, including video surveillance. The reason for this visit was to explore how much video footage from surveillance should be compressed in order to reduce the required bandwidth and storage as much as possible while making sure the resulting distortions will not have any impact on human operators observing these surveillance video sequences.
During the same visit, EPFL had an opportunity to learn about some of the on-going projects at Thales namely video surveillance of Mecca and Mexico City.
EPFL provided Thales with a few alternatives on how to evaluate the quality of compressed video surveillance footage and indicated readiness to design and implement such evaluations. As a next step, EPFL also offered to work on objective metrics that could translate such subjective evaluations into algorithms and metrics.
The visit has contributed to WP2 and WP6 activities.