Wednesday, 21 Feb 2018
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Kevin Lelu (UoR) visiting Christian Fedorczak (Thales)
07.04.2014 - 14.04.2014
Internal Visits


During this week Thales presented list of activities for the ongoing security projects which include Video Content Analysis; notably The MAKKAH project to detect over-crowded places and stampedes in the Mecca and the Mexico project to detect any traffic moving in the wrong direction (counter-flow), left luggage or other anomalous events in Mexico city. The results from other projects such as the number plate analysis, PRISM project, SECUR-ED project, and, the PROTECTRAIL project were also demonstrated to illustrate the issues that can occur in application of surveillance video-analytics within a full-scale infrastructure. Thales’ research centre in Palaiseau was visited and challenging issues arising from the need to deliver solutions to fit a client’s requirement in the everyday operational environment where real-world evaluation of algorithms can pose significant organisational and financial challenges.