Wednesday, 21 Feb 2018
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Faranak Sobhani (QMUL) visiting Prof. Thomas Sikora (TUB)
16.12.2014 - 20.12.2014
Internal Visits


The aim of this double PhD visit was to strengthen cooperation in analysis of the knowledge representation and semantic rules in video surveillance systems. During the visit, different data models have been discussed and set of taxonomies proposed. Faranak and Selehe have analysed together with TUB researchers existing solutions for ontologies that could create general foundation for a surveillance knowledge management systems. Such framework would efficiently store surveillance footage and enable querying of high-level information that otherwise would not be cross-indexed. As for the middle level of the hierarchy, a modular approach was proposed, dividing the knowledge in seven units, including CCTV, multimedia, geolocation geometrical view, object, event, and neighbourhood analysis and time ontologies. Finally, the higher level of the hierarchy was analysed and requirements studied to cover the privacy, ethical and legal aspects of surveillance